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for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 2014, Series 60
Volume 60, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 1-223
Markus Jantti, Ravi Kanur and Juka Pirttila
Poverty, Development and Behavioral Economics 
Saugato Datta and Sendhil Mullainathan
Behavioral Design: A New Approach To Development Policy 
Dean Karlan, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan and Jonathan Zinman
Savings by and for the Poor: A Research Review and Agenda  
Carol Newman, Finn Tarp and Katleen Van Den Broeck
Social Capital, Network Effects, and Savings in Rural Vietnam  
Alexander W. Cappelen, Rune Jansen Hagen and O. Sorensen and Bertil Tungodden
Do Non-enforceable Contracts Matter? Evidence From An International Lab Experiment 
Ben D'Exelle and Marrit Van Den Berg
Aid Distribution and Cooperation in Unequal Communities  
Malte Luebker
Income Inequality, Redistribution, and Poverty: Contrasting Rational Choice and Behavioral Perspectives  
Dean Karlan, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan and Jonathan Zinman
Poverty, Vulnerability, and Reference-Dependent Utlity  
Markus Jantti, Ravi Kanbur, Milla Nyyssola and Jukka Pirttila
Poverty and Welfare Measurement on the Basis of Prospect Theory 

Announcement: IARIW 33rd General Conference, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, August 24-30, 2014  
Volume 60, Issue 2, June 2014, Pages 225-396
Paul Armknecht and Mick Silver
Post- Laspeyres: The Case for a New Formula For Compiling Consumer Pricing Indexes  
Jannick Damgaard and Thomas Elkjaer
Foreign Direct Investment and the External Wealth of Nations: How important is valuation?  
Kevin J. Fox and Daniel Melser
Non-linear Pricing and Price Indexes: Evidence and Implications from Scanner Data 
Jan Luiten van Zanden, Joerg Baten, Peter Foldvari and Bas Van Leeuwen
The Changing Shape of Global Inequality 1820-2000; Exploring a New Data Set  
Mohammad Hajizadeh, Luke Brian Connelly and James Robert Gerard Butler
Health Policy and Equity of Health Cara Financing in Australia: 1973-2010  
Enrico Fabrizi, Maria Rosaria Ferrante and Silvia Pacei
A Micro-Econometric Analysis of the Antipoverty Effect of Social Cash Transfers in Italy  
Masato Okamoto
Interpolating the Lorenz Curve: Methods to Preserve Shape and Remain Consistent with the Concentration Curves for Components  
Kerry Hickson
The GDP Value of Twentieth-Century Health Improvements in Developed Economies: Initial Estimates for England 
Lars Osberg
The Big Picture on Inequality Trends?  
Julie L. Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore and Fernando Rios Avila
Corrigendum: Assessing the Welfare Impact of Tax Reform: A Case Study of the 2001 U.S. Tax Cut

Announcements: International Association for Research in Income and Wealth: Thirty-Third General Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August 24-30, 2014
Volume 60, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 425-608
Jo Blanden, Robert Haveman, Timothy Smeeding and Kathryn Wilson
Intergenerational Mobility in The United States and Great Britain: A Comparative Study of Parent-Child Pathways  
Joachim Merz and Tim Rathjen
Time and Income Poverty: An Interdependent Multidimensional Poverty Approach With German Time Use Diary Data 
Bruce Bradbury
Pensions for Singles and Couples  
Gaaitzen J. De Vries
Productivity In a Distorted Market: The Case of Brazil's Retail Sector 
Matthias Keese and Hendrik Schmitz
Broke, Ill, and Obese: Is there an Effect of Household Debt on Health? 
David Aristei and Cristiano Perugini
Speed and Sequencing of Transition Reforms And Income Inequality: A Panel Data Analysis 
Hikaru Hasegawa and Kazuhiro Ueda
Self-Assessed Social Position and Poverty  
Alejandro Corvalan
The Impact of a Marginal Subsidy on Gini Indices  
Peter J. Lambert
The Impact of a Marginal Subsidy on Gini Indices: Comment  

Announcements: International Association for Research in Income and Wealth 
Volume 60, Issue 4, December 2014, Pages 613-1001
Patrick Ward
Measuring The Level and Inequality of Wealth: An Application to China 
Orcun Kaya
Is Perceived Financial Inadequacy Persistent? 
Maite Blazquez Cuesta and Santiago Budria
Deprivation and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from Panel Data 
Jeff Larrimore
Accounting for United States Household Income Inequality Trends: The Changing Importance of Household Structure and Male and Female Labour Earnings Inequality 
Luca Angnello and Ricardo M. Sousa
How Does Fiscal Consolidation Impact on Income Inequality 
Robert Inklaar and Marcel P. Timmer
The Relative Price of Services 
Guerino Ardizzi, Carmelo Petraglia, Massimiliano Piacenza and Gilberto Turati
Measuring the Underground Economy with the Currency Demand Approach: A Reinterpretation of the Methodology, with an Application to Italy 
Sushanta K. Mallick
Disentangling the Poverty Effects of Sectoral Output, Prices, and Policies in India 
E. Barcena-Martin, B. Lacomba, A. I. Moro-Egido and S. Perez-Moreno
Country Differences in Material Deprivation in Europe 
Monique Graf and Desislava Nedyalkova
Modeling of Income and Indicators of Poverty and Social Exclusion Using the Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind 
Ludwig Von Auer
The Generalized Unit Value Index Family 
Huong Thu Le and Alison L. Booth
Inequality in Vietnamese Urban-Rural Living Standards, 1993-2006 
Peter Bartelmus
Environmental-Economic Accounting: Progress and Digression in the SEEA Revisions 
Melanie Krause
Parametric Lorenz Curves and the Modality of the Income Density Function 
Barry T. Hirsch and John V. Winters
An Anatomy of Racial and Ethnic Trends in Male Earnings in the U.S.  
Boriss Siliverstovs, Konstantin A. Kholodilin and Vyacheslav Dombrovsky
Using Personal Car Register for Measuring Economic Inequality in Countries with a Large Share of Shadow Economy: Evidence for Latvia 
Angus Deaton
On the Role of Aid in 'The Great Escape': Review of 'The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality' 
Mariko Chang
Does Equal Opportunity Bring Men and Women Closer to Wealth Equality: Review of 'Shortchanged: Why Women Have Less Wealth and What Can Be Done About It' 
Review of Income And Wealth: Report of the Managing Editors  991
Announcements: Call For Papers  1001
Volume 60, Issue Supplement S1, May 2014, Pages S1-S273
Romina Boarini and Lars Osberg
Economic Insecurity: Editors' Introduction  
Jacob S. Hacker and Gregory A. Huber, Austin Nichols, Philipp Rehm, Mark Schlesinger, Rob Valetta and Stuart Craig
The Economic Security Inde: A New Measure for Research and Policy Analysis 
Conchita D'Ambrosio and Nicholas Rohde
The Distribution of Economic Insecurity: Italy and the U.S Over the Great Recession 
Lars Osberg and Andrew Sharpe
Measuring Economic Insecurity in Rich and Poor Nations 
Gabriella Berloffa and Francesca Modena
Measuring (In)security in the Event of Unemployment: Are We Forgetting Someone? 
Austin Nichols and Philipp Rehm
Income Risk in 30 Countries 
Artjoms Ivlevs
Economic Insecurity in Transition: A Primary Commodities Perspective 
Javier Espinosa, Jorge Friedman, and Carlos Yevenes
Adverse Shocks and Economic Insecurity: Evidence from Chile and Mexico 
Nicholas Rohde and Kam Ki Tang and D.S. Prasada Rao
Distributional Characteristics of Income Insecurity in the U.S, Germany, and Britain  
Mariña Fernández Salgado, Francesco Figari, and Holly Sutherland and Alberto Tumino
Welfare Compensation for Unemployment in the Great Recession 
Denisa Maria Sologon and Cathal O'Donoghue
Shaping Earnings Insecurity: Labor Market Policy and Institutional Factors  
Francesca Modena, Concetta Rondinelli, and Fabio Sabatini
Economic Insecurity and Fertility Intentions: The Case of Italy  
Announcements  S256
Volume 60, Issue Supplement S2, November 2014, Pages S277-S471
Marshall Reinsdorf and Robert Hill
The 32nd IARIW General Conference, Boston, Massachussetts, 2012: Editors' Introduction  
David Warner, D.S. Prasada Rao, William E. Griffiths, and Duangkamon Chotikapanich
Economic Insecurity: Editors' Introduction  
Iryna Kyzyma
Changes in the Patterns of Poverty Duration in Germany, 1992-2009 
Joseph Deutsch, Jacques Silber and Gaston Yalonetzky
On Bi-Polarization and the Middle Class in Latin America: A Look at the First Decade of the Twenty First Century  
Petra Sauer and Martin Zagler
(In)equality in Education and Economic Development  
Mark de Haan, Erik Veldhuizen, Murat Tanriseven, and Myriam Van Rooijen-Horsten
The Dutch Growth Accounts: Measuring Productivity with Non-Zero Profits  
Marcel P. Timmer and Ilya B. Voskoboynikov
Is Mining Fuelling Long-Run Growth in Russia? Industry Productivity Growth Trends since 1995 
Alicia N. Rambaldi and Cameron S. Fletcher
Hedonic Imputed Property Price Indexes: The Effects of Econometric Modeling Choices 
Alberto Cavallo, Eduardo Cavallo, and Roberto Rigobon
Prices and Supply Disruptions During Natural Disasters 

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