The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 2003, Series 49
March 2003, Number 1, Page 1-162
Saeed Heravi, Alan Heston and Mick Silver
Using Scanner Data to Estimate Country Price Parities: A Hedonic Regression Approach  (129Kb)
Ulrich Kohli
GDP Growth Accounting: A National Income Function Approch (115Kb)
Alice Shiu
Multilateral Comparisons of Productivity, Terms-of-Trade and Factor Accumulation (140Kb)
John Gibson, Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle
Improving Estimates of Inequality and Poverty from Urban China's Household Income and Expenditure Survey (141Kb)
James R. Cuthbert
The Log Fisher Index, and Implications for Aggregation Techniques (121Kb)
William D. Bradford
The Wealth Dynamics of Entrepreneurship for Black and White Families in the U.S. (183Kb)
Pirkko Aulin-Ahmavaara
The SNA93 Values as A Consistent Framework for Productivity Measurement: Unsolved Issues (99Kb)
Paul Ryan
Review Article: The State of the Welfare State (64Kb)
June 2003, Number 2, Page 163-308
Junji Kageyama
The Effects of A Continuous Increase in Lifetime on Saving (176Kb)
Mats Hammarstedt
Income From Work Among IMMIGRANTS IN Sweden (111Kb)
Nripesh Podder, Daniel Slottje and Sourushe Zandvakili
Bounding Lifetime Income Using A Cross Section of Data (138Kb)
Daniela Del Boca and Silvia Pasqua
Employment Patterns of Husbands and Wifes and Family Income Distribution in Italy (1977-98) (142Kb)
Nazrul Islam
Producitivity Dynamics in A Large Sample of Countries: A Panel Study (196Kb)
Harish Chand and Li Gan
The Effects of Bracketing in Wealth Estimation (87Kb)
Gyorgy Szilagyi
Review Article: What is the Theory Behind?  (60Kb)
September 2003, Number 3, Page 309-462
Esben Dalgaard and Annette Thomsen
A Comparison fo PIM Estimates with Direct Stock Information for Dwellings (117Kb)
Graham Pyatt
Development and The Distribution of Living Standards: A Critique of the Evolving Data Base  (148Kb)
Johannes Schwarze
Using Panel Data on Income Satisfaction to Estimate Equivalence Scale Elasticity  (106Kb)
Robert J. Dippelsman and Nile O. Mehle
Treatment of Mobile Phone Licenses in the National Accounts  (109Kb)
Anne-Sophie Robilliard and Sherman Robinson
Reconciling Household Surveys and National Accounting Data Using A Cross Entropy Estimation Method  (93Kb)
Kevin J. Fox
An Economic Justification for the EKS Multilateral Index (83Kb)
Tomson Ogwang
Bounds of the GINI Index Using Sparse Information on Mean Incomes (95Kb)
Sofia Ahlroth
Correcting NDP for SO2 and NOx Emissions: Implementation of A Theoretical Model in Practice (119Kb)
Stephan Klasen
Review Article: What Can Africa Learn from Asian Development Successes and Failures?  (73Kb)
December 2003, Number 4, Page 463-613
David E. Sahn and David Stifel
Exploring Alternative Measures of Welfare in the Absence of Expenditure Data  (173Kb)
D.S. Prasada Rao and Marcel P. Timmer
Purchasing Power Parities for Industry Comparisons Using Weighted Elteto-Koves-Szulc (EKS) Methods  (142Kb)
Joachim R. Frick and Markus M. Grabka
Imputed Rent AND Income Inequality: A Decomposition Analysis for Great Britain, West Germany and The U.S. (203Kb)
Richard T. Curtin
Unemployment Expectations: The Impact of Private Information on Income Uncertainty  (109Kb)
Jo Thori Lind
Aggregation of Utility and Equivalence Scales: A Solution to the Pangloss Critique  (119Kb)
Olga Canto
Finding Out The Routes to Escape Poverty: The Relevance of Demographic VS. Labour Market Events in Spain (126Kb)
Paolo Liberati
Poverty Reducing Reforms and Subgroup Consumption Dominance Curves  (264Kb)

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