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Table of Contents - 2006, Series 52
Series 52, Number 1, March 2006, Page 1-172
Reuben Gronau and Daniel S. Hamermesh
Time vs. Goods: The Value of Measuring Household Production Technologies  (90.8Kb)
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark and Vincent A. Hilderbrand
The Wealth and Asset Holdings of U.S.-Born And Foreign-Born Households: Evidence from SIPP Data (226Kb)
Claudio Lucifora Dominique Meurs
The Public Sector Pay Gap in France, Great Britain and Italy (154Kb)
Rolf Aaberge and Audun Langørgen
Measuring the Benefits from Public Services: The Effects of Local Government Spending On the Distribution of Income in Norway. (125Kb)
Carsten A. Holz
China’s Reform Period Economic Growth: How Reliable Are Angus Maddison’s Estimates? (211Kb)
Angus Maddison
Do Official Statistics Exaggerate China’s GDP Growth? A Reply to Carsten Holz  (190Kb)
Myeong-Su Yun
Earnings Inequality in USA, 1969–99: Comparing Inequality Using Earnings Equations (190Kb)
John Myles
Review Article: Do Egalitarians Have A Future? (50.6Kb)
Series 52, Number 2, June 2006 Page 173-360
Björn Gustafsson, Li Shi, and Wei Zhong
The Distribution of Wealth in Urban China and In China as a Whole in 1995 (93.0Kb))
Richard H. Steckel and Jayanthi Krishnan
The Wealth Mobility of Men and Women During the 1960s and 1970s (136Kb)
Ximing Wu, Jeffrey M. Perloff and Amos Golan
Effects of Government Policies on Urban and Rural Income Inequality (153Kb)
Thomas F. Crossley and Lori J. Curtis
Child Poverty in Canada (134Kb)
Robert G. Valletta
The Ins And Outs of Poverty in Advanced Economies: Government Policy and Poverty Dynamics in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States (136Kb)
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer
Estimates of Household Sector Wealth for South Africa, 1970–2003 (265Kb)
Robert J. Hill
When Does Chaining Reduce the Paasche–Laspeyres Spread? An Application to Scanner Data (182Kb)
Michael Ward
Review Article: An Intellectual History of National Accounting (76.4Kb)
Peter van de Ven
In Memoriam: Kees Oomens (1917–2005) (27.2Kb)
Series 52, Number 3, September 2006, Page 361-492
André Decoster and Erwin Ooghe
A Bounded Index Test to Make Robust Heterogeneous Welfare Comparisons (218Kb)
Satya R. Chakravarty and Conchita D’Ambrosio
The Measurement of Social Exclusion (307Kb)
Martin Ravallion and Michael Lokshin
Testing Poverty Lines (455Kb)
Adam Szulc
Poverty in Poland During The 1990s: Are The Results Robust? (236Kb)
Branko Milanovic
An Estimate of Average Income and Inequality in Byzantium Around Year 1000 (160Kb)
Carsten A. Holz
China’s Reform Period Economic Growth: How Reliable Are Angus Maddison’s Estimates? Response to Angus Maddison’s Reply (45.7Kb)
Patrizio Piraino and Robert Haveman
Review Article: Generational Income Mobility (67.4Kb)
Robin Lynch
In Memoriam: Sir Jack Hibbert (1932–2005) (25.1Kb)
Bart van Ark
In Memoriam: Robert H. McGuckin III (1942–2006) (26.9Kb)
Series 52, Number 4, December 2006 Page 493-672
M. H. Tuttle and Jean Gauger
Wealth and the Distribution of Income: Permanent and Transitory Effects (215Kb)
Susann Rohwedder, Steven J. Haider, and Michael D. Hurd
Increases in Wealth among the Elderly in the Early 1990s: How Much is Due to Survey Design? (167Kb)
Claudio Quintano and Antonella D’Agostino
Studying Inequality in Income Distribution of Single-Person Households in Four Developed Countries (158Kb)
Daniel Melser
Accounting For the Effects of New and Disappearing Goods Using Scanner Data (184Kb)
Francesco Daveri and Andrea Mascotto
The IT Revolution across the United States (367Kb)
James L. Seale, Jr. and Anita Regmi
Modeling International Consumption PatternsE (180Kb)
John A. Bishop, Feijun Luo, and Xi Pan
Economic Transition and Subjective Poverty in Urban China (101Kb)
Tomson Ogwang
An Upper Bound of the Gini Index in the Absence of Mean Income Information (93.3Kb)

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