The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1981, Series 27
F. Thomas Juster, Paul N. Courant, and Greg K. Dow
Theoretical Framework for the Measurement of Well-Being  (498Kb)
Robert Eisner and David H. Nebhut
Extended Measure of Government Product: Preliminary Results for the United States, 1946-76  (446Kb)
Roland Spant
Development of the Distribution of Wealth in Sweden  (148Kb)
Edward N. Wolff
Accumulation of Household Wealth over the Life-Cycle: a Microdata Analysis  (384Kb)
Bernardo Ferran
Corporate and Social Accounting for Petroleum  (140Kb)
Notes: Reginald E. Beales: 1909-80  (19Kb)107
John Walton
Capital Maintenance and the Measurement of Corporate Income  (433Kb)
Patricia Ruggles and Michael O'Higgins
Distribution of Public Expenditure Among Households in the United States  (388Kb)
Anders Olgaard
Concepts and Problems of Consistency in Terms-of-Trade Analysis  (417Kb)
Winston Dookeran
Distribution of Income in Trinidad and Tobago, 1957-76  (207Kb)
Dominique Thon
Income Inequality and Poverty: Some Problems  (73Kb)
Daniel B. Radner
Example of the Use of Statistical Matching in the Estimation and Analysis of the Size Distribution of Income  (502Kb)
N. S. Blomquist
Comparison of Distributions of Annual and Lifetime Income: Sweden Around 1970  (356Kb)
Alain Benedetti, Georges Consolo, and Annie Fouquet
Experience Francaise de Comptabilite Patrimoniale: Sources, methodes et resultats  (564Kb)
Michael O'Higgins and Patricia Ruggles
Distribution of Public Expenditures and Taxes among Households in the United Kingdom  (443Kb)
Toshiaki Tachibanaki
Notes: Note on the Impact of Tax on Income Redistribution  (96Kb)
Hans Werner Holub
Notes: Some Reflections on a Universal System of National Accounting  (95Kb)
Irving B. Kravis, Alan Heston, and Robert Summers
New Insights into the Structure of the World Economy  (243Kb)
Jack Hibbert
National and Sector Balance Sheets in the United Kingdom  (220Kb)
Philippe Pommier
Social Expenditure: Socialization of Expenditure? The French Experience of Satellite Accounts  (209Kb)
E. K. Akpa
Size Distribution of Income in Liberia  (205Kb)
Richard V. Burkhauser and Jennifer L. Warlick
Disentangling the Annuity from the Redistributive Aspects of Social Security  (334Kb)
Evelyn Lehrer and Marc Nerlove
Impact of Female Work on Family Income Distribution: Black-White Differentials  (151Kb)
Pierre Gutmann
Measurement of Terms of Trade Effects  (285Kb)
Announcements: Eighteenth General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (19Kb)455

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