The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 2005, Series 51
March 2005, Number 1, Page 1-174
Angus Maddison
Measuring and Interpreting World Economic Performance 1500-2001 (184Kb)
Herwig Immervoll
Falling Up the Stairs: The Effects of "Bracket Creep" on Household Incomes (235Kb)
Jean-Yves Duclos and Paul Makdissi
Sequential Stochastic Dominance and the Robustness of Poverty Orderings (333 Kb)
Asghar Zaidi and Tania Burchardt
Comparing Incomes when Needs Differ: Equivalization for the Extra Costs of Disability in the U.K. (186Kb)
James K. Galbraith and Hyunsub Kum
Estimating the Inequality of Household Incomes: A Statistical Approach to the Creation of a Dense and Consistent Global Data Set (340Kb)
Joseph Deutsch and Jacques Silber
Measuring Multidimensional Poverty: An Empirical Comparison of Various Approaches (215Kb)
June 2005, Number 2, Page 193-364
Mark McGillivray and Anthony Shorrocks
Inequality and Multidimensional Well-being (54Kb)
Steve Dowrick and Muhammad Akmal
Contradictory Trends in Global Income Inequality: A Tale of Two Biases (232Kb)
Peter Gottschalk and Sheldon Danziger
Inequality of Wage Rates, Earnings and Family Income in the United States, 1975-2002 (216Kb)
Sara Lelli
Using Functionings to Estimate Equivalence Scales (171Kb)
Xavier Ramos and Jacques Silber
On the Application of Efficiency Analysis to the Study of the Dimensions of Human Development (145Kb)
Lars Osberg and Andrew Sharpe
How Should We Measure the "Economic" Aspects of Well-Being? (295Kb)
Mark McGillivray
Measuring Non-economic Well-being Achievement (180Kb)
September 2005, Number 3, Page 375-473
John V. Duca
Why Have U.S. Households Increasingly Relied On Mutual Funds to Own Equity? (261Kb)
Eric M. Engen, William G. Gale, and Cori E. Uccello
Effects of Stock Market Fluctuations on the Adequacy of Retirement Wealth Accumulation (120Kb)
Midori Wakabayashi
Annuitized Asset Adequacy in Japan: The Demand for Individual Pensions (145Kb)
Quentin Wodon and Shlomo Yitzhaki
Growth and Convergence: A Social Welfare Framework (112Kb)
Gordon Anderson
Life Expectancy and Economic Welfare: The Example of Africa in the 1990s (107Kb)
Sripad Motiram
Review Article: How Do We Think About Development Planning and its Impact on Poverty? (45Kb)
December 2005, Number 4, Page 485-608
Barry R. Chiswick, Yew Liang Lee, and Paul W. Miller
Immigrant Earnings: A Longitudinal Analysis (131Kb)
Robert Inklaar, Mary O'Mahony and Marcel Timmer
ICT and Europe's Productivity Performance: Industry-Level Growth Account Comparisons with the United States (189Kb)
Brian Nolan and Timothy M. Smeeding
Ireland's Income Distribution in Comparative Perspective (174Kb)
Erwin Diewert
Weighted Country Product Dummy Variable Regressions and Index Number Formulae (199Kb)
D. S. Prasada Rao
On the Equivalence of Weighted Country-Product-Dummy (CPD) Method and the Rao-System for Multilateral Price Comparisons (109Kb)
Bart Hobijn and David Lagakos
Inflation Inequality in the United States (343Kb)
D. S. Prasada Rao
In Memoriam: Salem Khamis (1919-2005) (23Kb)

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