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Table of Contents - 1998, Series 44
March 1998, Number 1
Adriaan M. Bloem, Paul Cotterell, and Terry Giganttes
National Accounts in Transition Countries: Balancing the Biases?  (377Kb)
Thomas Lindh and Henry Ohlsson
Self-Employment and Wealth Inequality             (291Kb)
Lars Osberg, Sadettin Erksoy, and Shelley Phipps
How to Value the Poorer Prospects of Youth in the Early 1990s?  (343Kb)
Rafael Salas and Isabel Rabadan
Lifetime and Vertical Intertemporal Inequality, Income Smoothing, and Redistribution:  A Social Welfare Approach  (257Kb)
Ulrich Rendtel, Rolf Langeheine, and Roland Bernsten
The Estimation of Poverty-Dynamics Using Different Measurements of Household Income  (298Kb)
Stephen Howes and Jean Olson Lanjouw
Does Sample Design Matter for Poverty Rate Comparisons?  (178Kb)
Erik Dietzenbacher and Alex R. Hoen
Deflation of Input-Output Tables from the User’s Point of View: A Heuristic Approach  (199Kb)
Javier Ruiz-Castillo
A Simplified Model for Social Welfare Analysys. An Application to Spain, 1973-74 to 1980-81  (439Kb)
Bart Verspagen
Review Article: The Analysis and Measurement of Economic Growth  (115Kb)
Announcements  (146Kb)151
June 1998, Number 2
Robert J. Shiller and Ryan Schneider
Labor Income Indices Designed for Use in Contracts Promoting Income Risk Management  (330Kb)
M. Luisa Ferreira, Reuben C. Buse, and Jean-Paul Chavas
Is There Bias in Computing Household Equivalence Scales?  (299Kb)
Jeremy Arkes
Trends in Long-Run versus Cross-Section Earnings Inequality in the 1970s and 1980s  (238Kb)
Karel Van den Bosch
Poverty and Assets in Belgium  (236Kb)
Ted Reininga and Brugt Kazemier
Flash Growth Estimates Using Calendar Information  (158Kb)
Alejandra Mizala and Pilar Romaguera
Wage Differentials and Occupational Wage Premia: Firm-Level Evidence for Brazil and Chile  (324Kb)
Krishna Pendakur
Changes in Canadian Family Income and Consumption Inequality between 1978 and 1992  (473Kb)
Robin Broadway and Maurice Marchand
Review Article: Review of Dominique van de Walle and Kimberly Nead (editors), Public Spending and the Poor  (311Kb)
September 1998, Number 3
Angus Maddison
Measuring the Performance of a Communist Command Economy: An Assessment of the CIA Estimates for the U.S.S.R.  (333Kb)
Ana Rute Cardoso
Earnings Inequality in Portugal: High and Rising?  (361Kb)
Steven J. Keuning 
Interaction between National Accounts and Scio-Economic Policy  (277Kb)
Fumio Ohtake and Makoto Saito
Population Aging and Consumption Inequality in Japan  (368Kb)
Matilde Mas, Joaquin Maudos, Francisco Perez, and Ezequiel Uriel
Public Capital, Productive Efficiency and Convergence in the Spanish Regions (1964-93)  (277Kb)
Tadashi Yagi and Toshiaki Tachibanaki
Income Redistribution through the Tax System: A Simulation Analysis of Tax Reform  (329Kb)
Geoffrey Williams
The Stock of Consumer Durables in the United Kingdom: New Estimates, 1948-95  (327Kb)
Steven J. Keuning
Review Article: A Powerful Link between Economic Theory and Practice: National Accounting  (173Kb)
Uma Datta Roy Choudhury
In Memoriam: Dr. S. G. Tiwari (1918-1998)  (30Kb)
December 1998, Number 4
McKinley L. Blackburn
The Sensitivity of International Poverty Comparisons  (352Kb)
Lars Bager-Sjogren and N. Anders Klevmarken
Inequality and Mobility of Wealth in Sweden 1983/84-1992/93  (361Kb)
Christine Chambaz and Eric Maurin
Atkinson and Bourguignon’s Dominance Criteria: Extended and Applied to the Measurement of Poverty in France  (300Kb)
Abdul F. M. Shamsuddin and Don J. DeVoretz
Wealth Accumulation of Canadian and Foreign-Born Households in Canada  (326Kb)
A. Bigard, Y. Guillotin, and C. Lucifora
Earnings Mobility: An International Comparison of Italy and France  (369Kb)
Jack L. Miller and John M. Gowdy
Notes: Vertically Integrated Measures of the Rate of Profit in the United States, 1950-90  (150Kb)
Rolf Aaberge and Ingrid Melby 
The Sensitivity of Income Inequality to Choice of Equivalence Scales  (80Kb)
John Duffield
Review Article: Two Perspectives on Economy and Nature: A Review  (229Kb)
Announcements  (131Kb)585

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