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Table of Contents - 2001, Series 47
March 2001, Number 1
Timothy M. Smeeding and Daniel H. Weinberg
Toward a Uniform Definition of Household Income  (108Kb)
Jean Olson Lanjouw and Peter Lanjouw
How to Compare Apples And Oranges: Poverty Measurement Based on Different Definitions of Consumption  (110Kb)
Conchita D'ambrosio
Household Characteristics and the Distribution of Income In Italy: An Application of Social Distance Measures  (150Kb)
John Micklewright and Suraiya Ismail
What Can Child Anthropometry Reveal About Living Standards and Public Policy? An Illustration from Central Asia  (81Kb)
Bradford F. Mills, Jefferey R. Alwang and Gautam Hazarika
Welfare Reform and the Well-Being of Single Female-Headed Families: A Semi-Parametric Analysis  (181Kb)
Jeni Klugman and Alexandre Kolev
The Role of the Safety Net and the Labor Market on Falling Cash Consumption in Russia: 1994-96: A Quintile-Based Decomposition Analysis  (124Kb)
Marcel P. Timmer
Review Article: Financial and Economic Crises in Asia  (57Kb)
June 2001, Number 2
F. Bourguignon, M. Fournier and M. Gurgand
Fast Development With a Stable Income Distribution: Taiwan, 1979-94  (174Kb)
Chulhee Lee
Life-Cycle Saving in the United States, 1900-90  (96Kb)
Rolf Aaberge and Yu Zhu
The Pattern of Household Savings During a Hyperinflation: The Case of Urban China in the Late 1980s  (158Kb)
Henry M. Peskin and Marian S. Delos Angeles
Accounting for Environmental Services: Contrasting the SEEA and the ENRAP Approaches  (90Kb)
Coral Del Ro and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
Intermediate Inequality and Welfare: The Case of Spain, 1980-81 to 1990-91  (109Kb)
Paolo Caridi and Paolo Passerini
The Underground Economy, the Demand for Currency Approach and the Analysis of Discrepancies: Some Recent European Experience  (110Kb)
Branko Jovanovic
Russian Roller Coaster: Expenditure Inequality and Instability in Russia, 1994-98  (236Kb)
Peter Saunders
Review Article: Growth, Prosperity and the Generation of Inequality  (54Kb)
September 2001, Number 3
Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion
How did the world's poorest fare in the 1990s?  (87Kb)
Miriam Beblo and Thomas Knaus
Measuring Income Inequality in Euroland  (116Kb)
Deborah Reed and Maria Cancian
Sources of Inequality: Measuring the Contributions of Income Sources to Rising Family Income Inequality  (137Kb)
Robert Haveman and Andrew Bershadker
The "Inability to be Self-Reliant" as an Indicator of Poverty: Trends for the U.S., 1975-97  (137Kb)
Francisco J. Goerlich and Matilde Mas
Inequality in Spain, 1973-91: Contribution to a Regional Database  (151Kb)
Regina T. Riphahn
Rational Poverty or Poor Rationality? The Take-up of Social Assistance Benefits  (100Kb)
Conchita D'Ambrosio
Review Article: How Much Should the Government Spend?  (46Kb)
James Tobin
In Memoriam: Richard Ruggles (1916-2001)  (30Kb)
Edward N. Wolff
In Memoriam: Richard Ruggles (1916-2001)  (43Kb)
December 2001, Number 4
Richard Lyte, Bertrand Matre, Brian Nolan and Christopher T. Whelan
Persistent and Consistent Poverty in the 1994 and 1995 Waves of the European Community Household Panel Survey  (115Kb)
Jane Osburn
Occupational Upgrading and Changes In Capital Usage In U.S. Manufacturing Industries, 1989-98  (113Kb)
Menno Pradhan, Asep Suryahadi, Sudarno Sumarto and Lant Pritchett
Eating like which "Joneses?" an Iterative Solution to the Choice of a Poverty Line "Reference Group"  (172Kb)
Luc Arrondel and Bruno Lefebvre
Behavior of Household Portfolios in France: the Role of Housing  (162Kb)
Joop Hartog
On Human Capital and Individual Capabilities  (134Kb)
Duangkamon Chotikapanich and William Griffiths
On Calculation of the Extended Gini Coefficient  (52Kb)
Ashtok Kotwal
Globalization — then and now  (59Kb)
Timothy Smeeding and Anne Harrison
In Memoriam: Richard Ruggles — a man for all seasons (1916-2001)  (29Kb)

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