The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1985, Series 31
J. Steven Landefeld and James R. Hines
Valuing Non-Renewable Natural Resources--The Mining Industries  (354Kb)
Arne Isachsen and Steiner Strom
The Size and Growth of the Hidden Economy in Norway  (264Kb)
J. C. Roman
The Treatment of Subsidies in National Accounts  (296Kb)
Philip Musgrove
Food Needs and Absolute Poverty in Latin America  (312Kb)
T. K. Rymes
Inflation, Nonoptimal Monetary Arrangements and the Banking Imputation in the National Accounts  (202Kb)
Lucian Turdeanu and Nicolae Marcu
A Note on Estimates of Romanian Wealth Before the Second World War  (68Kb)
Errata  (10Kb)101
Daniel B. Radner
Family Income, Age, and Size of Unit: Selected International Comparisons  (353Kb)
J. D. Lock
Measuring the value of the Capital Stock by Direct Observation  (186Kb)
Aldi J. M. Kagenaars and Bernard M. S. Van Praag
A Synthesis of Poverty Line Definitions  (256Kb)
Graham Pyatt
Commodity Balances and National Accounts: A SAM Perspective  (257Kb)
Laszlo Drechsleh and Piroska Horath
The Measurement of Total Consumption in Hungary  (258Kb)
S. G. Tiwari
Governmen Services in Relation to Total Consumption of the Population in Asian and Pacific Countries, with Special Reference to India   (173Kb)
Frank A. Cowell
Multilevel Decomposition of Theil's Index of Inequality  (71Kb)
Heinrich Lutzel
Inflation Accounting for the Federal Republic of Germany--Results Using Different Deflator Price Indices  (192Kb)
Joseph F. Quinn
Retirement Income Rights as a Component of Wealth in the United States  (199Kb)
Ann Chadeau
Measuring Household Activities: Some International Comparisons  (253Kb)
Paul Van Der Laan and Henk K. Van Tuinen
Interest, Distribution of Value Added and Inflation--Inflation-Induced Difficulties in the Interpretation of Dutch National Accounts  (472Kb)
William S. Cartwright and Robert B. Friedland
The President's Commission on Pension Policy Household Survey 1979: Net Wealth Distribution by Type and Age for the United States  (302Kb)
Ronald Schettkat
The Size of Household Production: Methodological Problems and Estimates for the Federal Republic of Germany in the Period 1964 to 1980  (189Kb)
Notes: Secretary's Annual Report, 1984  (16Kb)323
Alfred Franz
Estimates Of The Hidden Economy In Austria On The Basis Of Official Statistics  (174Kb)
Albert Berry
On Trends In The Gap Between Rich and Poor In Less Developed Countries: Why We Know So Little  (334Kb)
D. J. Daly
Inflation, Inflation Accounting and Its Effect, Canadian Manufacturing, 1966-82  (329Kb)
Steven J. Keuning
Segmented Development and The Way Profits Go: The Case Of Indonesia  (384Kb)
Asger Olsen
Adaptation Of Detailed Input-Output Information: Restructuring and Aggregation  (233Kb)
H. A. Fell and C. C. Greenfield
Notes: Measuring Economic Growth: A Reply To Arya  (33Kb)
P. L. Arya
Rejoinder To Fell and Greenfield  (33Kb)
R. K. Chawla and G. Oja
Measuring Economic Growth-A Critique Of Arya'S' Application Of Fell and Greenfield'S Method  (89Kb)
P. L. Arya
Reply To Chawla and Oja  (36Kb)
Announcement: International Association For Research In Income and Wealth Twentieth General Conference, 1987  (20Kb)425

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