The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1982, Series 28
Edward F. Denison
Is U.S. growth understated because of the underground economy? Employment ratios suggest not  (247Kb)
Jacques van der Gaag and Eugene Smolensky
True household equivalence scales and characteristics of the poor in the United States Working with what we have  (197Kb)
Martin Murphy
Comparative estimates of the value of household work in the United States for 1976  (243Kb)
A. Foulon
Proposals for a homogeneous treatment of health expenditure in the national accounts  (468Kb)
Gary Fields and T. Paul Schultz
Income-generating functions in a low income country: Colombia  (295Kb)
Jean Marczewski
National accounts as an instrument for the analysis of the sources of stagflation—an example: France and Germany, 1971-79  (396Kb)
Announcements: First special conference of the IARIW: Purchasing Power Parities  (14Kb)119
Hans J. Adler
Selected problems of welfare and production in the national accounts  (191Kb)
Robert Eisner, Emily R. Simons Paul J. Pieper and Steven Bender
Total incomes in the United~States7 1946-1976: A Summary Report  (488Kb)
J. D. Wells
Public sector statistics for the United Kingdom  (253Kb)
Hans-Georg Petersen
Size of the public sector, economic growth and the informal economy  (366Kb)
Harry H. Postner
Problems of identifying and measuring intermediate (producer) services in the compilation and use of input/output tables  (470Kb)
Michael G. Kelly
Notes: World trade and output  (83Kb)
Announcements: Secretary's Financial: Report, 1981  (16Kb)251
Laszlo Drechsler and Eugenia Krzeczkowska
Purchasing power parities in international comparisons: quantity vs. price changes  (106Kb)
Leila Pathirane and Derek W. Blades
Defining and measuring the public sector: Some international comparisons  (376Kb)
Richard Stone
Working with what we have  (198Kb)
Richard M. Barkay
National accounting with limited data: Lessons from Nepal  (284Kb)
K. Horz and U. P. Reich
Dividing government product between intermediate and final uses  (668Kb)
I. B. Kravis, A. Heston and R. Summers
Notes: Corrigendum to New insights into the structure of the world economy  (32Kb)
Wouter van Ginneken
Generating internationally comparable income distribution data: evidence from the Federal Republic of Germany (1974), Mexico (1978) and the United Kingdom (1979)  (245Kb)
Dino Gerardi
Selected problems of inter-country comparisons on the basis of the experience of the EEC  (435Kb)
Kishori Lal
Compilation of input-output tables: Canada  (285Kb)
Jozsef Nyers
Comparison of the productivity levels of Austrian and Hungarian industry: methods and results  (234Kb)
Reino T. Hjerppe
Measurement of the role of the public sector in the Finnish economy  (263Kb)

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