The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1967, Series 13
P. N. Mathur
An Appropriate System of Deflation of Sectoral Income in a Developing Economy, Illustrated by the Industrial Sector of the Indian Economy, 1950-51 to 1962-63  (198Kb)
D. J. Aigner and A. J. Heins
A Social Welfare View of the Measurement of Income Equality  (255Kb)
P. Sunga
The Treatment of Interest and Net Rents in the National Accounts Framework  (205Kb)
Helen Stone Tice
Report Of A Conference On The Proposals For Revision Of The United Nations System Of National Accounts, Held By The Conference On Research In Income And Wealth  (1395Kb)
News Of Statistical Activities  (56Kb)103
G. F. Cazell
The Measurement of Gross National Product in Korea  (219Kb)
H. S. Tice
Depreciation, Obsolescence, and the Measurement of the Aggregate Capital Stock of the United States, 1900-1962  (592Kb)
S. Swamy
Structural Changes and the Distribution of Income by Size: The Case of India  (339Kb)
L. Johansen and A. Sorsveen
Notes on the Measurement of Real Capital in Relation to Economic Planning Models  (449Kb)
W. N. Parker
Economic History and National Accounts  (73Kb)
C. Clark
Capital Requirements in Agriculture: An International Comparison  (299Kb)
C. R. Frank
The Seers Modified Input-Output Table: Some Projection Techniques  (129Kb)
H. T. Patrick 231
Functional Estimates of Japanese Government Expenditures, Fiscal 1952-1963  (264Kb)
J. B. Broderick
National Accounts at Constant Prices  (213Kb)
I. Vinski
The Distribution of Yugoslavia's National Income by Social Classes in 1938  (439Kb)
D. J. Daly and D. Walters
Factors in Canada-United States Real Income Differences  (482Kb)
T. Samukawa
The Public Sector in Financial Flow Statements: Japan's Case  (378Kb)
M. Mukherjee
The Role of Transactions in Kind in Developing Economies  (303Kb)
E. Krzeczkowska
The International Comparisons of Consumption Level Carried Out by the Polish Central Statistical Office  (281Kb)

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