Studies in Social and Financial Accounting. Income and Wealth, Series IX - 1961

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: Phyllis Deane
Table of Contents
Preface  (63Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (68Kb)
R.C. Geary
Introduction  (183Kb)
R.W. Burge
Deflation within an Accounting Framework  (628Kb)
R.C. Geary
Productivity Aspects of Accounts Deflation  (397Kb)
S. Fabricant
Notes on the Deflation of National Accounts  (309Kb)
Kjeld Bjerke
Some Reflections on Price Indexes, Welfare Indexes, and Wage Adjustments  (248Kb)
J. Denizet
Les ProblŠmes Techniques Poses par l'Etablissement des Comptes d'Op‚rations FinanciŠres  (980Kb)
Graeme S. Dorrance
The Present Status of Financial Accounts  (1011Kb)
Michel Kaser
A Survey of the National Accounts of Eastern Europe  (1500Kb)
Wolfgang Stolper
National Accounting in East Germany  (761Kb)
Ivo Vinski
National Product and Fixed Assets in the Territory of Yugoslavia, 1909-59  (747Kb)
Branko Horvat
The Conceptual Background of Social Product  (609Kb)
List of Papers presented to the Sixth General Conference of the Association for Research in Income and Wealth at Portoroz, Yugoslavia, 1959.  (57Kb)

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