The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 2002, Series 48
March 2002, Number 1, Page 1-154
Bart van Ark
Measuring the New Economy: An International Comparative Perspective  (85Kb)
Paul Schreyer
Computer Price Indices and International Growth and Productivity Comparisons  (115Kb)
Kevin J. Stiroh
Are ICT Spillovers Driving the New Economy?  (156Kb)
Edward N. Wolff
Computerization and Structural Change  (230Kb)
Bruno Crepon and Thomas Heckel
Computerization in France: An Evaluation Based on Individual Company Data  (142Kb)
Erwin Charlier
Equivalence Scales in an Intertemporal Setting with an Application to the Former West Germany  (189Kb)
Yolanda van Leeuwen and Jeroen Pannekoek
To Work Oneself Out of Poverty: The Dutch Experience 1989-96  (90Kb)
June 2002, Number 2, Page 155-290
Branko Milanovik and Shlomo Yitzhaki
Decomposing World Income Distribution: Does the World Have a Middle Class?  (174Kb)
Harry X. Wu
How Fast Has Chinese Industry Grown? Measuring the Real Output of Chinese Industry, 1949-97  (223Kb)
Xu Xianchun
Study on Some Problems in Estimating China's Gross Domestic Product  (115Kb)
Karl Whelan
A Guide to U.S. Chain Aggregated NIPA Data  (171Kb)
Ritsuko Futagami, Kimiyoshi Kamada and Toshiaka Tachibanaki
Income Redistribution Effect of Public Pensions Between Dynastic Families  (127Kb)
Robert Repetto
Creating Asset Accounts for a Commercial Fishery Out of Equilibrium: A Case Study of the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery  (138Kb)
Mogens Fosgerau, Svend E. Hougaard Jensen and Anders Sorensen
Measuring Educational Heterogeneity and Labor Quality: A Note  (125Kb)
H. Lorne Carmichael
Review Article: Social Dynamics  (104Kb)
Derek Blades
In Memoriam: Ann Chadeau  (58Kb)
September 2002, Number 3, Page 291-442
Lars Osberg and Andrew Sharpe
An Index of Economic Well-Being for Selected OECD Countries  (213Kb)
Joachim Merz
Time and Economic Well-Being -- A Panel Analysis of Desired Versus Actual Working Hours  (274Kb)
Catherine de Fontenay, Tue Gorgens and Haoming Liu
The Role of Mobility in Offsetting Inequality: A Nonparametric Exploration of the CPS  (495Kb)
Burkhard Heer
The German Unemployment Compensation System: Effects of Aggregate Savings and Wealth Distribution  (209Kb)
Jose de Gregorio and Jong-Wha Lee
Education and Income Inequality: New Evidence from Cross-Country Data  (202Kb)
Norbert R. Schady
Picking the Poor: Indicators for Geographic Targeting in Peru  (196Kb)
Cathleen D. Zick
Review Article: Clocking the Progress in Time Use Research  (108Kb)
December 2002, Number 4, Page 443-594
Rolf Aaberge, Anders Bjorklund, Markus Jantti, Marten Palme, Peder J. Pedersen, Nina Smith and Tom Wennemo
Income Inequality and Income Mobility in the Scandinavian Countries Compared to the United States  (240Kb)
Jean-Yves Duclos and Philippe Gregoire
Absolute and Relative Deprivation and the Measurement of Poverty  (269Kb)
Shelley Phipps
The Well-Being of Young Canadian Children in International Perspective: A Functionings Approach  (178Kb)
Holly Sutherland, Rebecca Taylor and Joanna Gomulka
Combining Household Income and Expenditure Data in Policy Simulations  (238Kb)
Bjorn Gustafsson and Edward Palmer
Was the Burden of the Deep Swedish Recession Equally Shared?  (231Kb)
Tarik M. Yousef
Eqypt's Growth Performance Under Economic Liberalism: A Reassessment With New GDP Estimates, 1886-1945  (209Kb)
Kris Inwood
Review Article: Economic Growth and Global Inequality in Long Run Perspective  (113Kb)

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