The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1990, Series 36
March 1990, Number 1
Adam Szirmai and Dirk Pilat
Comparisons of Purchasing Power, Real Output and Labour Productivity in Manufacturing in Japan, South Korea, and the USA, 1975-1985  (437Kb)
Graham Pyatt
Accounting for Time Use  (319Kb)
McKinley, L. Blackburn
Trends in Poverty in the United States, 1967-1984  (217Kb)
Edward M. Miller
Can a Perpetual Inventory Capital Stock be Used for Production Function Parameter Estimation?  (263Kb)
Kishori Lal
Service Industries in the Business Sector of the Canadian Economy  (168Kb)
Michael Jaffey
The Measurement of Capital Through a Fixed Asset Accounting Simulation Model (FAASM)  (275Kb)
Announcements  (57Kb)111
June 1990, Number 2
Jere R. Behrman and Paul Taubman
The Intergenerational Correlation between Children's Adult Earnings and their Parents' Income: Results from the Michigan Panel Survey of Income Dynamics  (225Kb)
John Fitzgerald and John Wicks
Measuring the Value of Household Output: A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Approaches  (208Kb)
Edward N. Wolff
Wealth Holdings and Poverty Status in the U.S.  (348Kb)
D. Schafer and C. Stahmer
Conceptual Considerations in Satellite Systems  (177Kb)
Harry Postner
The Contracting-Out Problem in Service Sector Analysis: Choice of Statistical Unit  (174Kb)
Gert P. den Bakker, Theo A. Huitker, and Cornelis A. van Bochove
The Dutch Economy, 1921-1939: Revised Macro-Economic Data for the Interwar Period  (310Kb)
J. Thomas Romans and Stanton A. Warren
A Balance of Payments Analysis of the Latin American Debt Crisis  (112Kb)
Bruce R. Kennedy
Financial Consistency in Longitudinal Microsimulation: Homemaker Pensions Re examined  (132Kb)
Announcements  (33Kb)223
September 1990, Number 3
Stephen Crystal and Dennis Shea
The Economic Well-Being of the Elderly  (350Kb)
Bjorn Gustafsson and Hannu Uusitalo
The Welfare State and Poverty in Finland and Sweden from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s  (284Kb)
Utz Reich and Klaus Schuler
Netting Out Income Taxes for Different Types of Income of Households  (123Kb)
Adriann M. Bloem
Units in National Accounts and the Basic System of Economic Statistics  (218Kb)
K. D. Patterson
Stock Flow Consistent Income for Industrial and Commercial Companies  (336Kb)
Laszlo Drechsler
A Note on the Concept of Services  (122Kb)
Announcement  (14Kb)317
December 1990, Number 4
Richard V. Burkhauser, Greg J. Duncan, Richard Hauser, and Roland Berntsen
Economic Burdens of Marital Disruptions: A Comparison of the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany  (236Kb)
Anne Harrison
Major Changes Proposed for the Next SNA: An Overview  (269Kb)
Anil B. Deolalikar and R. P. Singh
The Impact of Bequests on Lifetime Wealth Accumulation: An Econometric Study of Two Generations of Rural Households in India  (202Kb)
Shelley A. Phipps
Gender Wage Differences in Australia, Sweden, and the United States  (211Kb)
Panos Tsakloglou
Aspects of Poverty in Greece  (368Kb)
Thomas K. Rymes
On International Trade in Banking Services  (193Kb)
Richard Ruggles
A Note on the Revision of the United Nations System of National Accounts  (109Kb)
Announcement  (20Kb)421

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