The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1989, Series 35
March 1989, Number 1
Edward N. Wolff
Trends in Aggregate Household Wealth in the U.S., 1900-83  (484Kb)
Angus Maddison and Bart van Ark
International Comparisons of Purchasing Power, Real Output and Labour Productivity: A Case Study of Brazilian, Mexican, and U.S. Manufacturing, 1975  (444Kb)
Gabriel Rudney and Paula Young
The Nonprofit Sector of the U.S. Economy: A Methodological Statement  (349Kb)
Michel Seruzier
Compilation of National Accounts in High Inflation Countries  (296Kb)
William N. Parker
In Memoriam: Raymond W. Goldsmith (1904-88)  (46Kb)
June 1989, Number 2
Michael O'Higgins, Guenther Schmaus, and Geoffrey Stephenson
Income Distribution and Redistribution: A Microdata Analysis for Seven Countries  (416Kb)
Erik Biorn, Erling Holmoy, and Oystein Olsen
Gross and Net Capital, and the Form of the Survival Function: Theory and Some Norwegian Evidence  (267Kb)
Bryan Haig
International Comparisons of Australian GDP in the 19th Century  (206Kb)
Jean-Paul Milot, Pierre Teillet, and Andre Vanoli
How to Treat Non-Produced Assets and Exceptional Events in National Accounts? Considerations of Variations in the Wealth Accounts  (365Kb)
Cornelis A. van Bochove and Wim van Sorge
Constant Wealth National Income: Accounting for War Damage with an Application to the Netherlands, 1940-45  (337Kb)
Jean Le Nay and Jean Mathis
The Impact of Drought on the National Accounts for Livestock in Sahelian Countries  (211Kb)
September 1989, Number 3
Patricia Ruggles and Robertson Williams
Longitudinal Measures of Poverty: Accounting for Income and Assets over Time  (278Kb)
Magnus Blomstrom and Robert E. Lipsey
The Export Performance of U.S. and Swedish Multinationals  (307Kb)
Stephen Jenkins and Michael O'Higgins
Inequality Measurement Using 'Norm Incomes': Were Garvin and Paglin onto Something After All?  (301Kb)
Dan A. Black, K. J. Hayes, and D. J. Slottje
Demographic Change and Inequality in the Size Distributions of Labour and Nonlabor Income  (220Kb)
Mark A. Prell
The Measurement of Housing Output: U.S. and Soviet Case Studies  (319Kb)
Rene Huigen, Huib Van de Stadt, and Kees Zeelenberg
Socio-Economic Accounts for the Netherlands  (260Kb)
December 1989, Number 4
Peter Hooper and Kathryn A. Larin
International Comparisons of Labour Costs in Manufacturing  (310Kb)
Pan A. Yotopoulos
Distributions of Real Income: Within Countries and by World Income Class  (336Kb)
Anne Harrison
Environmental Issues and the SNA  (185Kb)
Rob Vos
Accounting for the World Economy  (291Kb)
Tom Elfring
New Evidence on the Expansion of Service Employment in Advanced Economies  (411Kb)

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