The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1978, Series 24
S. Fabricant
Accounting for business income under inflation: current issues and views in the United States  (403Kb)
J. Popkin
Integration of a system of price and quantity statistics with data on related variables  (247Kb)
R. Eisner
Total incomes in the United States, 1959 and 1969  (421Kb)
H. M. Peskin and J. Peskin
Valuation of non-market activities in income accounting  (348Kb)
R. H. Bezdek and C. R. Dunham
Structural change in the American economy, by functional industry group  (182Kb)
J. H. Moore
Measure of structural change in output  (231Kb)
M. Moss
Income distribution issues viewed in a lifetime income perspective  (283Kb)
K. Bjerke and S. Brodersen
Studies of income redistribution in Demark for 1963 and 1971  (336Kb)
J. Meerman
Household distribution of government services for agriculture and education in Peninsular Malaysia in 1974  (261Kb)
Y. Ivanov and I. Ryzhov
New stage in the activities of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in the field of international comparisons of national product  (124Kb)
M. Ward
Accounting for the missing millions: the case of tax havens (with special reference to Bermuda)  (153Kb)
H. Niida
Redistributional effects of the inflationary process in Japan, 1955-75  (406Kb)
Announcements  (30Kb)221
R. Ferber and P. Musgrove
Finding the poor  (299Kb)
M. Murphy
Value of non-market household production: opportunity cost versus market cost estimates  (224Kb)
C. M. Jones, C. J. Garston and A. E. Ansmits
Quantity and price indexes for construction  (396Kb)
J. Marczewski
Inflation, redistribution of factors and unemployment, illustrated by the case of France  (446Kb)
A. Berry
Income and consumption distribution trends in the Philippines, 1950-1970  (304Kb)
H. J. Adler and O. Hawrylyshyn
Estimates of the value of household work, Canada 1961 and 1971  (330Kb)
J. Walton
Current cost accounting: implications for the definition and measurement of corporate income  (538Kb)
A. Babeau
Application of the constant price method for evaluating the transfer related to inflation: the case of French households  (334Kb)
A. Marin
National income, welfare and the environment  (250Kb)

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