Studies in short-term national accounts and long-term economic growth. Income and Wealth, Series XI - 1965

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: Simon Goldberg and Phyllis Deane
Table of Contents
Preface  (122Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (99Kb)
S.A. Goldberg, H.I. Adler, J.D. Randall, P.S. Sunga
The Canadian Quarterly National Accounts - A Critical Appraisal  (2971Kb)
George Jaszi
The Quarterly National Income and Product Accounts of the United States 1942-62  (2218Kb)
O.E. Niitamo
Short-term National Accounts in Finland  (776Kb)
K.D. Arndt
Quarterly National Accounts in Western Germany  (408Kb)
Bent Hansen And Donald Mead
The National Income of the U.A.R. (Egypt) 1939-62  (708Kb)
S. Geronimakis
Postwar Economic Growth in Greece 1950-61  (627Kb)
A.P. Thorne
Critical Analysis of the Statistical and Economic Factors in the Growth Rates of Puerto Rico and Jamaica 1950-59  (1490Kb)
M. Shinohara
A Statistical Evaluation of the Rate of Growth of National Income in Postwar Japan  (645Kb)
List of Papers Presented to the 1963 (Corfu) Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (50Kb)

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