Middle Eastern Studies in Income and Wealth, 1963

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: Taufiq M. Khan
Table of Contents
Taufic M. Khan
Preface  (52Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (37Kb)
Hussein A. Sharaf
The Development and Present Structure of National Economic Accounts in the U.A.R.  (718Kb)
Youssry Mostapha
Les Evaluations du revenu national dans la R‚publique Arabe Unie: revue historique et critique  (466Kb)
Salimullah Khan
National Income Accounting in Pakistan  (514Kb)
Abdul Ghafoor Khan
Measurement of Real National Income in Pakistan  (339Kb)
M.A.H. Khandkar
An Estimate of National Expenditure of Pakistan, 1960-1  (485Kb)
Said Dajani
National Income Estimation in Jordan  (252Kb)
Parvez Hasan
National Income Estimation in an Oil Economy: Some Preliminary Notes on Saudi Arabia  (403Kb)
Abdol Ali Jahanshahi
National Income Estimation in Iran  (152Kb)
Muhammad Diab
National Income Accounting Practices in Syria  (618Kb)
Youssef Helbaoui
Le Revenu national: instrument d'analyse et d'action ‚conomique - Le revenu national Syrien  (389Kb)
Gultan Kazgan
Structural Change in Turkish National Income, 1950-60  (421Kb)
A. Ghezelbash
The Urban Collsumer Survey and Income Elasticities in Iran  (334Kb)
Atef El-Sayed
Le Budget d'‚tat de la R.A.U.: d‚veloppement et classification  (1693Kb)
S.A. Abbas
Capital Formation in National Accounting, with Particular Reference to Pakistan  (388Kb)
A. Hosni Ahmed
Financing Capital Formation in the U.A.R.  (385Kb)
Taufiq M. Khan
Capital Formation in Pakistan  (298Kb)
Nazih A. Deif
Some Uses of Economic Accounting in planning Economic Development in the U.A.R.  (501Kb)
Gamal E. Eleish
Uses of the Input-Output Model in Development Planning in Underdeveloped Countries  (882Kb)
Moin Uddin Baqai
The Use of National Income Accounts in Planning in Pakistan  (293Kb)
List of papers presented at the Middle East Regional Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (42Kb)

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