African Studies in Income and Wealth, 1962

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: L.H. Samuels
Table of Contents
Preface  (78Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (150Kb)
G.C. Billingtoan
Minimum System of National Accounts for Use by African Countries and Some Related Problems  (1470Kb)
P. Ady
Uses of National Accounts in Africa  (433Kb)
Richard M. Barkay
The Statistical Macro-Economic Framework Needed in Development Planning in Africa  (757Kb)
Jo Saxe
The Use of Public Sector Accounts in Planning the Level of Public Expenditure  (860Kb)
Ph. Bertxet et J. Royer
Les ProblŠmes de l'Information Statistique en Afrique vus Sous l'Angle de la Comptabilit‚ Nationale  (916Kb)
Les ModŠles de D‚veloppement Economique Utilis‚s en Alg‚rie  (586Kb)
L.H. Samuels
The Uses and Limitations of National Economic Accounting with Special Reference to South Africa  (670Kb)
J.J.D. Willers and B. P. Grobnbwal
Problems Raised by the Calculation of Real National Income in South Africa  (737Kb)
D.C. Krogh and J. J. D. Willertsh
Preparation of National Accounting Estimates for South West Africa and a Presentation of Consolidated Series for South Africa, South West Africa and the Three British Protectorates (1920-59)  (795Kb)
H.J.J. Reyndertsh
Geographical Income of the Bantu Areas in South Africa  (928Kb)
D.P. Erasmus
The National Income of Bechuanal and Protectorate  (569Kb)
Pns Okigbo
Nigerian National Accounts, 1950-7  (597Kb)
Ian G. Stewart
Consumer Demand in Nigeria  (374Kb)
Prof. Vasco Fortuna
Comptabilit‚ Economique des Administrations et Calcul du Revenu National  (415Kb)
C.B. Martin
The Development and Diversity of National Income Series in East Africa since 1947  (557Kb)
T.A. Kennedy, H.W. Ord and David Walker
On the Calculation and Interpretation of National Accounting Material in East Africa  (2336Kb)
List of Papers submitted to the African Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (37Kb)

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