The Measurement of National Wealth. Income and Wealth, Series VIII - 1959

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: Raymond Goldsmith and Cristopher Saunders
Table of Contents
Introduction by the Editors
A Summary Survey of National Wealth Estimates  (1059Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (206Kb)
TH.D. Van Der Weide
Statistics of National Wealth for Eighteen Countries  (912Kb)
T. Barna
Alternative Methods of Measuring Capital  (754Kb)
Petter Jakob Bjerve and Mikael Selsjord
Financial Accounting within a System of National Accounts  (583Kb)
Odd Aukrust and Juul Bjerke
Real Capital and Economic Growth in Norway 1900-56  (1090Kb)
Division of National Accounts of the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics
The Preparation of a National Balance Sheet: Experiencein the Netherlands  (779Kb)
Ferdinand Grunig
An Estimate of the National Capital Account of the Federal German Republic  (388Kb)
Ivo Vinski
The National Wealth of Yugoslavia at the end of 1953  (908Kb)
Anthony Scott
Canada's Reproducible Wealth  (693Kb)
Alexander Ganz
Problems and Uses of National Wealth Estimates in Latin America  (1630Kb)
Manuel Balboa and Albert? Fracchia
Fixed Reproducible Capital in Argentina, 1935-55  (526Kb)
D.G. Franzsen and J.J.D. Willers
Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in South Africa  (811Kb)
J.M. Garland and R.W. Goldsmitit
The National Wealth of Australia  (1132Kb)
M. Mukherjee and N.S.R. Sastry
An Estimate of the Tangible Wealth of India  (735Kb)
List of Papers presented at the Fifth Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (39Kb)

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