Income and Wealth, Series VI - 1957

Publication of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth

Edited by: Milton Gilbert and Richard Stone
Table of Contents
Milton Gilbert and Richard Stone
Preface  (23Kb)
Analytical Table of Contents  (107Kb)
Carl F. Christ
On Econometric Models of the U.S. Economy  (843Kb)
I. Lips and D.B.I. Schouten
The Reliability of the Policy Model used by the Central Planning Bureau of the Netherlands  (643Kb)
P-R Jakob Bjerve
Forecasting Bank Liquidity  (758Kb)
Dorothy S. Brady
Measurement and Interpretation of the Income Distribution in the United States  (631Kb)
Kield Bjbrke
Changes in Danish Income Distribution 1939-52  (1489Kb)
Simon A. Goldberg and Jenny R. Podoluk
Income Size Distribution Statistics in Canada - a Survey and some Analysis  (1426Kb)
H.P. Brown
Estimation of Income Distribution in Australia  (985Kb)
Dorothy Cole and J.E.G. Utting
The Distribution of Household and Individual Income  (791Kb)
Ragnar Bentzel
Some Aspects of the Economic Interpretation of Changes in the Inequality of Income Distribution  (444Kb)
Odd Aukrust
Trends and Cycles in Norwegian Income Shares  (606Kb)
List of Papers presented at the Fourth Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth  (38Kb)

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